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A Las Vegas Christmas - King style!

Here's a special Christmas treat for you all - Enjoy!

A Las Vegas Christmas – King style!


“Wake up, Stunner.” Denham’s husky morning voice pulls me out of the deep sleep I was enjoying.
“Hey.” I smile, thinking to myself that this is the only way I want to be woken for the rest of my life. I really am the luckiest girl in the world.
“Merry Christmas,” he whispers, brushing his lips gently over mine and shifting his body so that he hovers over me. “It’s still early, and I want to make the most of you while I have you all to myself.” Denham moves his hips in a slow circle, grinding his pelvis in to mine and I groan in agreement. My body responds to him instantly and I let my head drop back to the pillow as he plants slow, sensual kisses down my neck and along my collarbone.
I am just about to get lost in my man and his wonderful lips when the door gets flung open and reaches full extension so fast, it bounces back and almost knocks a very excited Tara out.
“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” she sings at the top of her voice, bundling her way in through the door. “Oh, uh, sorry guys … Nah, I’m not sorry. Stop all that. It’s Christmas morning for fuck’s sake!” She darts back out of the door and I hear her running to the next room to wake up Spike. I’m not sure he’ll be too happy about being woken this early.
My body still hums from my wake up call, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cursing Tara right now, but I can’t help but laugh at her excitement. Growing up, with it being just me and my mom, we never had the big family Christmases that you see on TV. So when Denham told me that they all stay over at his mom’s house on Christmas Eve, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it all. I wasn’t banking on being invaded by Tara at this ungodly hour of 6 AM, but now that we are awake I can’t wait for the day to begin. I am so excited about Denham’s present. I almost couldn’t wait until today, it’s actually very nearly killed me to wait until today, but now it’s here and I’m nervous. A good nervous. But nervous nonetheless.
“If we ignore her she will go away,” Denham grumbles through gritted teeth.
“No, I won’t!” Tara yells from the living room. “Get up. We have presents!”
“I think we need to save the lovin’ for later,” I say with a giggle.
Denham sighs, then pins me with his golden eyes. “Stunner, later I’m gonna love you so damn hard you’ll be seeing stars.” He lets out a growl and nips my shoulder playfully which makes me yelp. He jumps off the bed in one easy move and I watch him strut over to the bathroom gloriously naked before glancing over his shoulder and giving me a wink. I shake my head at the mere fact that I can’t believe I’m so happy. I can’t believe life is so good. And I still can’t believe that man is mine, all mine.
We throw on our sweats and join everyone in the living room. Even Spike is up, and wearing a smile as well as a … Christmas sweater? I laugh and frown at the sight; it just seems so unlike him.
“Hey, don’t diss the sweater, sweetheart. It’s Christmas!” He winks at me.
“I’m not sure if it’s because you’re wearing Christmas, or the fact that you have a sweater on and it’s already 70 degrees and rising.”
“It’s tradition,” he shrugs nonchalantly. Looks like that’s the only explanation I’m going to get.
Dana crosses the room to us with a beaming smile and two glasses of juice “Good morning, sweetheart,” she says, kissing Denham’s cheek and handing him a glass. This leaves her free to pull me in for a hug. “I’m so excited to have you here, Arianna. I love having a busy home at Christmas, the more the merrier.” She smiles warmly and passes me the other glass and goes back into the kitchen.
I glance around the living room and at the Christmas tree. Presents cover the floor and seem to spill from every direction.
“There’s so many,” I whisper, marvelling at the sight of them. I’ve never known a busy, bustling family Christmas, or one filled with so many gifts.
“Me first. Me first!” Tara yells, hopping over the couch and rummaging through the piles of shiny wrapped presents.
“Tara,” Dana scolds “Don’t you think Arianna should go first as she’s our guest this year?”
“Oh no.” I shake my head profusely. “Really, I don’t want any special treatment. I’m so happy to be watching Tara and you guys.”
Tara takes that as a green light and digs right in, finding the first one with her name on it and tearing it open while squealing excitedly. The next hour or so passes in a flurry of wrappings and bows. Presents are handed around between us all and the warmth and love of this family that I’m soon to be a part of, fills every piece of my heart. Then I realise that there’s very few presents left and I haven’t given out mine. My stomach starts to churn as I question the gift I have for Denham. Will he like it? Should I have given it to him in private?
Well, I have a whole heap of gifts for him actually. Every time I saw something I thought he would like, I bought it. But there’s one that’s the most important and I’m equally excited and nervous to give it to him.
“I have something for you,” Denham whispers to me. As usual, I react to his close proximity and the hairs along my neck stand on end.
“I’m sure you do,” I answer. “But, I’m not sure it’s appropriate in front of your mom, brother and sister.”
“No!” He pushes me with his shoulder. “I meant your Christmas gifts. Would you like them now?”
“Actually, I have something I would like to give you first.”
“You do?”
“Uh huh. May I?”
“Sure thing, Stunner.”
Nerves run through my body and down my arms, making the small, neatly wrapped gift shake in my palms. I pass it to him gingerly and keep hold when he goes to take it. I lean in to him, place a kiss on his cheek, and whisper, “Merry Christmas, babe.”
I am suddenly aware that all eyes are on us. Even Tara, who still has presents to open, has stopped unwrapping and is absorbed in our moment. I love that they’re all a part of this.
Denham unwraps one end of the soft package, and looks up momentarily to give me a sparkling smile before unwrapping the rest of the paper. My heart pounds so hard I think it’s going to beat out of my chest. He frowns, takes out the little white shirt, and his mouth falls open. His eyes fill with tears, as mine do too. He half laughs, half sobs, then turns the shirt around and holds it up for the rest of the room to see. It takes a few seconds for them to read the text.
‘My daddy’s the King of the castle’
There are calls and screeches of ‘Oh my god!’ but I’m focused on my man, who looks like he’s trying to take it all in. Then he meets my eyes. That connection that’s always seemed so deep, suddenly feels deeper and I know now what my life so far has been about. It’s been a journey that’s paved the way to this very moment. Our moment.
“Merry Christmas, Daddy,” I whisper before Denham takes my mouth with his, kissing me as if his life depends on it. Happy tears mingle between our lips, and Denham starts to laugh.
“I’m going to be a daddy!” he calls, just before he is tackle-hugged by Tara. And Dana and Spike aren’t far behind.

Merry Christmas from ‘The Kings’!

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